Here is a photograph of Sally Pressman and me.

The director, Grant Harvey, on right, in black shirt.

Sally Pressman with Jean Abounader (rear left), the executive producer.

I have my own trailer!

Preparing for an interior shot.

Sally Pressman having her makeup fixed.

On location, preparing for an interior shot.

Preparing to film a "party" scene.

Love Sick boards.

On location.

Sally Pressman in hair and makeup, with Jean Abounader, on right.

On location.

Trailers and some of the cast and crew.

I'm with one of the actors between takes.

Lifetime Television Movie "Love Sick: Secrets of a Sex Addict"

I flew out to Vancouver for a few days to watch the filming. Sally Pressman, one of the stars of the Lifetime hit series Army Wives, is playing me. David James Elliott, who starred in the TV show JAGS, is also in the movie.

I thought you might like to see some photos of the shoot, on the left-hand column of the page.

I was given a two-word "walk-on" role!

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The book describes my search for authentic self-identity – a search complicated by my conflicted feelings toward Judaism and my various efforts to “pass” as Christian. At the heart of this journey are three separate encounters with 1960s pop-music icon, turned Christian activist, Pat Boone, who plays a pivotal role in my desire to belong to the dominant culture.
"A deeply personal story of a woman's addiction to and recovery from the high of dangerous encounters. This utterly candid account is the only memoir by a woman to examine sexual addiction. It is a powerful, often lyrical book with strong resonance for other addictions, whether to food, drugs, alcohol, or work--for anyone whose only satisfaction is now." (Click on title, above, to read excerpt.)
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