Sue signing copies of "The Pat Boone Fan Club" at the University of Nebraska Press booth at the AWP conference in Seattle, March, 2014.

Here I am at Marshall University's "Stand for Women" conference.

This is my wonderful (2010) memoir workshop at the Vermont College of Fine Arts' Postgraduate Writers' Conference -- from left: Melissa, Sue, Karen, Robbie, Dawn, Rachel, and, in front, Yvette.

Sue's and Robert Vivian's (center, front row) creative nonfiction workshop at Vermont College of Fine Arts, Winter, 2010. The students were great! And thanks to Suzanne Farrell for the photo.

Sue with workshop group at the Bear River Writers' Conference, held at Walloon Lake, Michigan.

Sue, in yellow t-shirt, on the quad of the Vermont College of Fine Arts, with some of the students.

With poet Marc Sheehan (author of Greatest Hits) during a question and answer period after a reading at Schuler Books in Grand Rapids, sponsored by the Peninsula Writers.

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Sue will be delivering a presentation on November 2 at the Charleston (SC) Jewish Community Center/​Federation.

Sue will be at the Association of Writers and Writing Programs annual conference in Minneapolis, April 8 - 11, 2015.

To invite Sue to give a reading, a presentation, conduct a workshop -- or write a guest blog -- please e-mail her at SueWilliamSilverman(at) Thank you!


2014 BLOG TOUR for "The Pat Boone Fan Club: My Life as a White Anglo-Saxon Jew"

Now available: "The Pat Boone Paradox," interview on the blog site conducted by Dinty W. Moore. http:/​/​​2014/​04/​01/​the-pat-boone-paradox/​

Now available: Interview with Sue with Lilith Magazine: "I Wanted to be Pat Boone's Daughter." http:/​/​​blog/​2014/​03/​i-wanted-to-be-pat-boones-daughter/​

Now available: Interview with Sue with Jewish Daily Forward: "How Pat Boone Saved My Jewish Soul"

Now available: book review on NewWorldReview

March 12
“Writers on Writing”
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March 19
“The Artist’s Road"
Guest blog: "How One Author Combined Personal Essays Into a Coherent Memoir"

March 31
The Muffin, “Women on Writing”
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April 2
Guest blog: “My Obsessions: I Can’t Write Without Them”

April 3
Guest blog: “Writing Taboo Topics: Incest, Sexual Addiction, and – gasp! – Pat Boone!?”
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April 12
Book Review

April 14
The New Book Review
"The Pat Boone Fan Club" is a "Universal 'finding yourself'' memoir"

April 16
Words by Webb

April 21
National Association of Memoir Writers
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April 22
Book Review, Women's Memoirs

April 23
Guest blog: “Who Is This Masked Memoirist?”
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April 24
Memory Writers Network
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April 25
Guest blog: “The Daily Mirror: Looking at Celebrities, Seeing Ourselves”
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April 28
Guest blog: “Confessions of a Memoirist: My Serial Personalities”
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April 29
Guest blog: “April Love: My Longest Spring”
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May 1
Book review: http:/​/​​2014/​04/​17/​the-next-writer-in-the-series-may-1-2014/​
Guest Blog: “Catching Days”
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May 1
Create Write Now
Mari McCarthy

May 2
Interview, National Association of Memoir Writers

May 4
"The Crooked Path: The Journey Out of a Damaged Childhood"

May 8
Helen W. Mallon

May 9
National Association of Memoir Writers
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May 18, 2014
HuffPost Interview with Loren Kleinman
"The Fearless Confessions of Sue William Silverman"

May 22
Writing it Real
Interview on the process of writing 3 memoirs

Radio interview: KPTZ ( website) “In Conversation with Sheila Bender: Discussions on Writing and the Writing Life”

July 30
The Bookman
Grand Haven, MI

September 7
Kerrytown (Michigan) Book Festival
Memoir panel


The book describes my search for authentic self-identity – a search complicated by my conflicted feelings toward Judaism and my various efforts to “pass” as Christian. At the heart of this journey are three separate encounters with 1960s pop-music icon, turned Christian activist, Pat Boone, who plays a pivotal role in my desire to belong to the dominant culture.
"A deeply personal story of a woman's addiction to and recovery from the high of dangerous encounters. This utterly candid account is the only memoir by a woman to examine sexual addiction. It is a powerful, often lyrical book with strong resonance for other addictions, whether to food, drugs, alcohol, or work--for anyone whose only satisfaction is now." (Click on title, above, to read excerpt.)
Winner of the Associated Writing Programs Award Series in Creative Nonfiction
"A harrowing memoir of the mute language of incest and the powerful words of survival."(Click on title, above, to read excerpt.)
This is a guidebook about how to craft compelling art out of personal experience. "Fearless Confessions" is for beginning and experienced writers alike, who want to write their own life stories. Please click title to see the Table of Contents.
Please click on title to read selected poems. "Silverman's collection is a bracing debut--rangy, restless, giddy with lush particulars." ~~ David Wojahn
This short article, first published in "The Writer's Chronicle," is included in the Appendix of Sue's book, "Fearless Confessions: A Writer's Guide to Memoir."
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