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Love Sick: One Woman's Journey Through Sexual Addiction

"Love Sick provides an honest and deeply chilling account of what it's like to suffer from a compulsion to look for love in what are most definitely all the wrong places." ~~ Francine Prose, Elle


"A self-proclaimed addict looks unflinchingly at the source of her sickness and her road to recovery." ~~O (the Oprah Magazine)


"Compelling.... Silverman explores the psychology of addiction on a deeply personal level. Candid, emotionally raw...never sugarcoated...deeply moving." ~~Booklist


"In the existing literature on sexual addiction, this book stands alone: a woman's narrative of her own personal story. As self-help, Love Sick will resonate with not only those who suffer from sexual addiction, but also anyone whose compulsive behavior, whether with drugs, money, or food, threatens his or her emotional well-being. And as memoir, Silverman's account is an important literary

accomplishment, one that will move anyone who reads it." ~~recoveryworld.com


"Silverman's stark story of struggle and recovery, told without jargon or psychobabble, creates a wrenching portrait many women will relate to--a portrait of someone who is looking for love, but finds sex instead." ~~Lifetime-TV


"Thanks in large part to fearless writers such as Silverman, our culture is confronting the wretched behaviors that exist even in homes with facades of normalcy." ~~Mary Ann Lindley, Tallahassee Democrat


"Silverman shines a bold light on sexual addiction in her riveting memoir, making her process of recovery a test for all our lives. With a warm eye for cold reality, she recalls the paralyzing sexual situations that led her to seek help and eventually enter a rehab center. We meet her baffled husband, steadfast therapist, and the volatile but wise women who become her friends in this honest, vulnerable--and sometimes funny--tale of a woman coming to trust her own instincts at last." ~~Molly Peacock


"Silverman is a wonderful writer. With her searing honesty, sharp perceptions, and ability to convey the nuances of emotional terrain, she sheds light on a topic that has been shrouded in secrecy and muddled in misperceptions." ~~Deborah Tannen