Sue with Pat Boone at his 80th Birthday Party Celebrity Roast at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

I'm standing under a boardwalk at the New Jersey shore. I refer to this photograph in my memoir, "Love Sick."

My official second-grade class photo. I'm really left-handed, but the photographer wouldn't take my picture until I put the crayon in my right hand. This photo is on the cover of "Because I Remember Terror, Father, I Remember You."

Me with my family at the opening of my father's bank when we first moved to New Jersey from the West Indies.

I used to love those photo booths, where you get five photos for a quarter.

When I was still in college, I spent summers as an intern working on Capitol Hill. Here I am with fellow interns and Senator Ernest Gruening.

At my desk when I worked on Capitol Hill in my early twenties.

This is me in Washington, D. C., too.

In Galveston, Texas, I worked on a historic preservation project. I was in charge of photography as well as writing the newsletter for the Galveston Historical Foundation.

Me in Galveston.

Right after I graduated from college, I spent about five months working on a kibbutz in Israel--picking apricots.

Me with paratrooper in Israel.

President Truman with my father.

Me, with Pat Boone. My forthcoming book (March, 2014) is entitled "The Pat Boone Fan Club: My Life as a White Anglo-Saxon Jew."

My home.

My home office

With my first cat, Quizzle, who makes an "appearance" in both of my memoirs.

I teach in the MFA in Writing Program at Vermont College of Fine Arts. This is part of the campus.

College Hall, at VCFA

Me, getting ready for a lecture, VCFA

Creative Nonfiction workshop, with Robert Vivian and me. He's sitting to my left.

Robert Vivian, me, Pamela Cooper, Connie May Fowler, and Rigoberto Gonzalez. Fourth of July at VCFA!

Robert Vivian and me, VCFA summer residency

Richard McCann, Matthew Dickman and me, VCFA residency. Waiting for a reading to start.

Me, getting ready for workshop, VCFA

Richard McCann and me, VCFA summer residency

David Wojahn, Trine Dalton, Connie May Fowler and me, VCFA graduation

With students at Vermont College of Fine Arts.

A few years ago I received an Honorary Doctorate from Aquinas College.

My two new kitties: Bijou and Siobahn.


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The book describes my search for authentic self-identity – a search complicated by my conflicted feelings toward Judaism and my various efforts to “pass” as Christian. At the heart of this journey are three separate encounters with 1960s pop-music icon, turned Christian activist, Pat Boone, who plays a pivotal role in my desire to belong to the dominant culture.
"A deeply personal story of a woman's addiction to and recovery from the high of dangerous encounters. This utterly candid account is the only memoir by a woman to examine sexual addiction. It is a powerful, often lyrical book with strong resonance for other addictions, whether to food, drugs, alcohol, or work--for anyone whose only satisfaction is now." (Click on title, above, to read excerpt.)
Winner of the Associated Writing Programs Award Series in Creative Nonfiction
"A harrowing memoir of the mute language of incest and the powerful words of survival."(Click on title, above, to read excerpt.)
This is a guidebook about how to craft compelling art out of personal experience. "Fearless Confessions" is for beginning and experienced writers alike, who want to write their own life stories. Please click title to see the Table of Contents.
Please click on title to read selected poems. "Silverman's collection is a bracing debut--rangy, restless, giddy with lush particulars." ~~ David Wojahn
This short article, first published in "The Writer's Chronicle," is included in the Appendix of Sue's book, "Fearless Confessions: A Writer's Guide to Memoir."
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